We are the manufacturer of Suryasun pug cutting machine and its spare parts since 15+ years.

We Deliver Quality

A dedicated Quality Team with a clear agenda in mind for the quality of the product in every possible aspect conduct various tests and measures before our product ready for shipment.

Always On Time

We believe the most precious resource we all have is time.

We Are Pasionate

Passion is the energy and we are putting every ounce of it in the Suryasun products so that our clients will get the best out of best in the market.

Welcome To Suryasun

We are a Delhi based manufacturing company of PUG CUTTING MACHINES since last many years by the brand name of "SURYASUN" (ISO CERTIFIED CO 9001-2008). We also provide all spare parts of pug cutting machine. Our products are being supplied and appreciated by our clients located throughout INDIA. Our motto is to manufacture quality products at a very reasonable cost.

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Pug machine rack & slide is made of zine metal. It is a heavy duty slide and appriciate by our clients due to its quality.

Pug Motors

We are manufacturing a top class heavy duty pug motor by co-ordinating with our R & D department.

Pug Cutter Holder

Pug cutter holder is used to hold the pug cutter properly and it is made in high quality aluminium.



We are manufacturing and continuous researching to enhance the quality of pug cutting machine in every possible manner to serve our clients for the best product in the very reasonable cost.


We have many different departments and unique specialized teams of qualified experts who are involve in the R&D and the quality maintenance of the product.

Best Customer Services

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. So keeping that in mind we offer our best services to all of our clients.

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