Pug Cutting Machine

Pug cutting machine comes with an unique speed control switch to cater to MS plates of different thickness without any manual intervention. The machine moves on an aluminum track that is specially designed to provide accurate straight cuts and also come with an optional attachment to provide accurate cuts in circular orientation. Suryasun pug cutting machine can moves in forward and reverse direction with a click of a switch. We provide an extra toggle switch to full fill the requirement of extra slow speed of the machine.

Specification of Pug Cutting Machine

Weight of machine 8.5 Kg approx.
Voltage 230V AC/DC 50 Hz
Current 0.350A max.
Cutting speed 50 to 900 mm/min. approx.
Cutting capacity up to 100 mm thick MS (& above by change cutting nozzle)
Bevel(up to 45 dig.) 50 mm thick MS
Circle 75mm to 1100mm dia
Cutter adjustment Horizontal-80mm
Speed control Rotary resistance

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